Saturday, April 27, 2013

As part of my collaboration with this rising clothing x accessories brand Leo Creations, I'm tasked to give you guys a first-hand look on the brand's newest offering for this really hot summer season! Here it is - Leo Creations' "Arm Candies!" These bracelets are made from really sturdy materials and just by touching it you'd know it will last a long time. Not only that they're sturdy, they're also quite surprisingly comfortable to wear. So what are you guys waiting for - visit Leo Creations now and get your Arm Candies while supplies last!

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The winner will be announced via Twitter and Facebook next week - Saturday May 4, 2013.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Summer's really here and let's admit it - it's so hard to porma when the sun's up and blazing. You get sweaty and sticky and your clothes get soaked! Hassle! I know lots of you love to dress up in layers and all whenever you go out... but this summer it's time to shake things up. We all need hip and comfortable clothes that can stand out by its own and can still make a statement!

So with that I'm very proud to announce that my blog is now in collaboration with this up and coming clothing x accessories brand called Leo Creations for the whole month of April! A brainchild of Raphael Lagdameo - this brand has caught the attention of various fashion blogs and publications with its fresh-looking tops and hip accessories. And this year, the brand is set to deliver a whole new line of more eye-catching clothes and accessories that you guys will surely love. Exciting!

Check out their uncaged new look on You can also like their page on Facebook ( and follow them on Twitter (@LeoCreationsPH.)

New stuff coming soon!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last time I blogged was December and now I'm glad I'm finally back (again.) Nakakasawa na ba guys sorry hahaha. The last few months of school was intensely busy that all my blog entries piled up and some of them I decided not to post anymore. But one thing that I still want to share with you guys was my first-ever Manila Ocean Park adventure last January with my family!

According to their site, "Manila Ocean Park is the country's first world-class marine theme park and a premiere educational facility. An integrated urban resort with marine life attractions and aqua-themed hotel, the park is geared toward an all-year, all-weather destination for locals and tourists. Everyday is a holiday and an ultimate fun place for all ages." True enough, I really had fun touring the entire place with my family. What made it extremely fun was that kids really loved the place. My niece literally went crazy seeing all the animals and attractions. Overall, it was a really great experience!

So our trip started with the All-Star Bird Show where the trainers feature exotic and really talented birds. It was really cool that the show was held in an open area and the birds just flew all over the place without any strings or ropes. I was really amazed that those birds didn't fly out of the venue. Feeling ko masisira childhood ko kapag biglang may nakawala sa kanila hahaha

I was particularly surprised about this part of the Ocean Park - it looks like a mini forest in the middle of the modern-looking facility! I was expecting kasi that the place would all be ocean-themed but it turns out it's not. Upon entering the area, we were greeted by the thick group of hanging plants (dont know what to call them - all I know is buhok ni Tarzan hahah) that covered the entire place. It also housed several species of fish on huge aquariums and enclosures.

Although this part of the tour was quite simple, I really enjoyed seeing tons of really huge fish at the Oceanarium. They were so huge I think they could actually eat my niece completely haha kidding. This particular fish (above) was almost as huge as a mini-fridge. Scary!

Fish, fish, fish and more fish! Nakakagutom... kidding!
My failed attempts of capturing a cute penguin in action haha!
After all the penguin and sliding on ice things, we went to the huge freezer that aims to make us feel Antarctica's coldness. It wasn't that cold to be honest (New York in Spring was way colder) but it's good enough to make your ears hurt and have umuusok na bibig effect you're dreaming of haha
Jellyfish madness!
After a long day of walking at the park, it's nice to get a really amazing visual treat from the Manila Ocean Park. At the last stretch of our trip, we got to watch the Musical Fountain Show that's quite similar with what's shown in other countries. It's a perfect way to cap-off your day at Manila Ocean Park.

Touring Manila Ocean Park in one day is not enough to maximize the whole park's facilities and offerings. However, a day's worth of fish shows and tons of amazing discoveries will still fire up your happy vibes!

If you're looking for a summer activity with your friends or your family, Manila Ocean Park is definitely one of the spots you should not miss. The park offers a great recreational and educational experience for people of all ages in such an affordable rate. Kids and kids-at-heart will surely appreciate this well-kept haven in the heart of the busy and crowded streets of Manila.

Thank you Manila Ocean Park for the awesome and unforgettable experience!


Manila Ocean Park is located behind the Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Manila.To know more about Manila Ocean Park, visit their website at http://manilaoceanpark.comFollow them on Twitter @ManilaOceanPark and like their Facebook page. You can also call them at +63 2 567 7777 or email them at


All photos were taken using my iPhone.